Monday, June 02, 2008

Link Fest on Non-Functional Requirements

Name: Link Fest on Non-Functional Requirements
Type: References
Status: final
Version: 2008-06-02

Gist: As there are no posts as of June 2007 I could remind you of, I decided to direct you to material which proved to be useful for me to propagate non-functional requirements. It is nearly all within the Gilb family's website, that's solely because there are few people with in-depth knowledge on the topic.

To start with, here's some highly recommended source of structural information on requirements in general, processes, work units etc., the Open Process Framework by Don Firesmith. Among a useful taxonomy of non-functional requirements there are a lot of examples which can be used as ideas for your own requirements writing.
Unfortunately I haven't figured out how to link to specific pages within the Framework Repository itself, so I give you directions: In the left column, under 'OPFRO Repository' expand 'Work Products', then 'by type', and click 'Requirements'.
On the page shown scroll down a bit and click 'Quality Requirement'.

And here's the Gilb stuff:

And on this page:
  • Making Metrics Practical
  • Designing Maintainability in Software Engineering
  • How to Quantify Quality

Here are some slides etc.:
  • Quantifying Security
  • Designing Maintainability in Software Engineering
  • Making Metrics Practical: 20 Principles
  • Quantifying Quality
Links to social knowledge-gathering sites: