Thursday, December 20, 2007

Course of Action

Name: Course of Action
Type: Process
Status: final
Version: 2007-12-20

Gist: to explain how to act upon a problem or complex, dynamic, invisible situation

S1: work out your goals see >Specifying Goals, to be used as guides and criteria for evaluation of your actions (see step 5).
S2: gather information about the situation and about how it changed over time in order to build a structural model of the problem
S3: build hypotheses about how the situation has changed and deduct how it will change
S4: plan your actions, decide on your actions, act (don't forget to think about doing nothing)
S5: check the effects (momentary facts AND tendences!) of your actions and refine your strategy with new evidence
Note: this is not a linear process. Trace back to any step whenever you feel you should.

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