Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How about a wiki?

Dear readers,

today I want to ask you a question. I'm thinking about transforming this blog to a wiki. All the principles, processes, rules shall be available in a form that is modifyable for content, by anybody.

What would you prefer, the blog or the wiki? And if you'd like a wiki, should I give authorship to anybody, without any restrictions (like wikipedia)?

Please let me know. Use the comment function of this post or email me at rolf(dot)goetz(at)gmx(dot)de. If you have any special requirements, I'd be happy to hear them!

Thanks a million!



Raven Young said...

Good luck with your decision Rolf. Does this mean you've ruled out knols? Just curious, I haven't had much time to learn about them.

I think whatever you choose to do will be awesome!

Raven Young said...

Forgot to include this link on Visual Wikis.

Interesting stuff..


Anonymous said...

I think it makes sense. It will make it easier to refer to a "big picture" while looking at your individual requirements

Richard said...

Can we have an approval mechanism involving moderation by any of an expanding list of moderators?

I want the change process to be as easy as possible and yet protect almost all readers from crap. But eventually the moderating task could become a burden to a solitary moderator.

Escalating the problem, Yes publish these blog entries in a wiki. Let the wiki discuss its own operation and proposals to change it.

This lets me think of the moderation aspect as just an item in a whole list of features present or desired. We like lists.

Rolf said...

@Raven, thank for sharing the link to VisualWikis. I'll keep an eye on that one, looks very powerful.

@Richard: I need to find out. I'm sure we can limit the list of contributors, though, through a simple subscription process.

Thanks for your ideas everyone. The wiki is about to take shape.