Saturday, April 11, 2009

Extracting Business Rules from Use Cases

A while ago I posted a process for Extracting Business Rules from Use Cases, on this blog and on PlanetProject. I'm proud to announce an article on the very same subject. While the original form was quite condensed, the new version has more background, and examples. It has the core process of course. Find it at as a featured article.
I'd be happy to discuss the topic here, there, or work with you on improvements on PlanetProject.


Business Analyst Community said...

Hi Rolf,

You wrote a great article indeed! Great info on Use Cases & Business Rules for Business Analysts.

Keep them coming!

- Adrian

Publisher - the leading Business Analyst Community.

Rolf said...


thank you for the flowers! May I quote you?

It's great to have someone who likes the sharing of ideas as much (or even more!) than I do.

Kudos to Adrian Marchis and modernAnalyst,com!


Eswaran N said...

Very neat and clear article on business rules. I often encounter situations where there is a need to extract business rules from existing code. How would you go about it? My thoughts on this at

Rolf said...


thank you!
I stopped programming almost 15 years ago. So sorry, I don't have any advice on extracting business rules from code other than: When you have them, document them properly ;-)