Friday, May 04, 2007

Effort Needed for Product Enhancements

Name: Effort Needed for Product Enhancements
Type: RuleSet
Status: finished
Version: 2007-05-04

Gist: Calculate Effort from # of Function Points, for Enhancements

R1: The Capers Jones Formula for Effort E of new Products (in person months): E = (# Adjusted Function Points)^1,4 / 150
R2: Enhancements of products cannot be calculated with the same formula, as you need to take into account that you add complexity to an existing product.
R3: Formula for the needed EnhancementEffort EE for an Enhancement of y function points to a a base product of y function points:
EE = E(x+y) - E(x)
Note: Obviously you need to know y and x. The greater x is, the more significant is the difference between E and EE.

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