Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Go Agile, Enterprise Wide

Title: Go Agile, Enterprise Wide
Type: Rules
Status: final
Version: 2007-07-26
Source: Pollyanna Pixton, talk at APLN 2006, Gerhard Wohland, Niels Malotaux, my own thoughts

R1: make sure the individuals in the enterprise want to learn and are allowed to learned
- unleash creativity
- lead change (not adopt to change)
Note: since business is global now, you have to put pressure on competitors if you want to sustain and succeed. You cannot just follow, because your market share will be eaten up by others.

R2: prioritize: all decisions are based on business value
- what is the most valuable thing to do *now*
- change lubricant slogan: "take the fun out of being disfunctional"
- finding business value of new products: give the product away for free

R3: do cascading agile:
- Do a business-level roadmap cycle every 3-6 months. "Do the tactical objectives still comply to the enterprise's strategic plans?"
- Do a project-level tactical cycle every 1-3 months. "Does our business unit / project still comply to the tactical objectives?
- Do a delivery-level cycle every 2 weeks or less. "Are we moving towards the right product?"
- Do a task-level cycle every 1 week. "Are we doing the right things in the right order?"

R4: Iterate: Review Goals and Objectives
Principle 1: full transperancy, give all information to everybody
Principle 2: fail early, fail fast!

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