Monday, December 22, 2008

News in the Field of Systems Engineering

For a VERY comprehensive monthly newsletter on Systems Engineering go to the Project Performance International website. A quote from the site:
Project Performance International is proud to produce a monthly Systems Engineering newsletter, named "SyEN". The newsletter presents in-depth coverage of the month's news in systems engineering and directly related fields, plus limited
information on PPI's activities and relevant industry events.

The nice thing is, advertising is REALLY limited. I find the newsletter do be both interesting and easy to read. They will send you and E-Mail with an table of contents, and you can then go to the website and read it. PDF format ist also provided.
From this months contents:
  • Featured Article: The ISO Way - Alwyn Smit
  • Featured Society: Association for Configuration and Data Management (ACDM)
  • Systems Engineering Software Tools News
  • Systems Engineering Books, Reports, Articles and Papers
  • Conferences and Meetings
  • Education
  • People
  • Related News
  • Systems Engineering-Relevant Websites
  • Standards and Guides
  • PPI News
  • PPI Events

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