Thursday, December 24, 2009

German Planguage Concept Glossary

I published a German Version of the Gilb's Planguage Concept Glossary on Google Docs. It comprises the 178 core terms of systems engineering and RealQA concepts that are part of the Competitive Engineering book. In the future I plan to translate the rest of the over 500 carefully defined terms.

The German words have been chosen to form a body of terms that is similar to the English original version, similar in coherence and completeness. Therefore, it is not a simple word to word dictionary translation. To the German reader, some of the words may seem to be translated badly. However, if you study the original glossary carefully, you will see that they make sense.

Furthermore, the terms have been tested in corporate practice and professional German conversation over a period of about a year. Most of them can be intuitively understood by Germans or German-speaking people; others need a quick look into the glossary definitions (which is something that is restricted to English-speaking readers ;-).

I'm happy to take your comments, critique and encouragement!

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