Thursday, December 24, 2009

Project management template for FREE download KOSTENLOSER Download: Projektmanagement Vorlage

Projects by the book or by the trenches?

The PRINCE2 project management standard by the OGC is a very practical piece of work. There is no obligation to do it by the book while you meet certain criteria. And it is supposed to be helpful, not an obstacle. I believe it is indeed helpful, and that is exactly why I based upon it the design of some quite central piece of paper document for some projects I work on, the Project Identification Document (German: Projektleitdokument).

I wanted to fulfill the following requirements:
• Mustn‘t be lengthy.
• Mustn‘t become shelf-ware.
• Must be easy to maintain.
• Must be interesting for the steering committee, the project manager and the project team.
• Must include everything relevant to guide projects of 5 - 20 week‘s duration.
• Mustn‘t shut off readers who are not familiar with PRINCE 2.
• Must facilitate checking defect density, i. e. number of defects per page.
• Must combine the PRINCE 2 Project Identification Document, Business Case, Project Mandate and Project Brief into one (1) manageable document (huh!).

I decided to design a standard document structure for one of my clients, along with guiding descriptions of every document section and a checklist for each section. As you might suspect from my background, my former work and my friends, I not only rewrote the respective PRINCE 2 product, but included my 12+ years experience with projects and some relevant pieces of good engineering, as taught by honorable Tom and Kai Gilb.

Out came the RTF template you can download for free from PlanetProject. Be aware that RIGHT NOW IT IS IN GERMAN only. If you would like to have it in English, please contact me and provide me with a good reason to work on the translation :-) (or maybe YOU translate it and provide it on Planet Project, too?)

Let me know what you think, please!

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