Thursday, July 08, 2010

Praise! Use numbers to show quality impact.

I just stumbled upon a very nice blog entry by Fergal McGovern of Visible Thread. It is about my article on "Extreme Inspections". Fergal appreciates that I showed ROI figures:
What was doubly exciting for me in this article is that you see the actual ROI of inspection in clear terms. Utilising the approach of ‘extreme inspection’ in one case Rolf cites, we see a reduction in the number of defects per page by 50%. Clear empirical evidence of actual defect reduction as a consequence of inspections in real projects is hard to come by and so Rolf’s case studies are useful to consider.
Thank you Fergal!

I took a looong look on Fergal's company and website. Their solutions look very promising in terms of document quality assessment and improvement. Visible Thread does detailed quality checks on Office documents and shows the results, for grounding decisions on data is always better than on gut feeling.
Head over and see for yourself.

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