Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What are the most valueable specifications?

During my last vacation I came across evidence of good technical value specifications. At VW's Autostadt there is a display of this wonderful old Phaeton Sedan (sorry the photo is blurred).
There also is a reproduction of a poster that was used to market the car at its times. It clearly states the most important values the car delivers. Reading through it, and thinking of the extreme focus on functions nowadays, I ask you: Did we forget to focus on the really important things, like value?

The poster reads:
It is our belief that the most important "specification" of the Cord front-frive are: Do you like its design? Does the comfort appeal to you? Does it do what you want a car to do better and easier? When a car, built by a reputable and experienced company meets these three requirements, you can safely depend on that company to adequately provide for all mechanical details. -- E.L.CORD

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