Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Give Kelly Waters a Hand

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Kelly Waters, the creator of the wonderful All About Agile Weblog, in a recent post is striving for more reach.
I can recommend his work, it's all about agile software development and agile project management. He highlights interesting things about agile all over the web and writes original content explaining some of the key agile principles, how to implement Scrum, user stories and lots more. A really rich source of information about the topic, and easy to read and grasp. He also has ann extensive home page there, so you'll find things easily. 
Go check him out and stay with him!

PS: In case you somehow loose the link to the All About Agile Weblog, you can always come back to my site and scroll down to the "links."-section on the right. It will be there.

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Kelly Waters said...

Hi Rolf, many thanks for your comments, that's really kind of you and I appreciate it.