Friday, July 03, 2009

A Quest for Up-Front Quality

Today I'd like to point you to the presentation slides of a talk I gave at this year's Gilb Seminar on Culture Change in London. 

You'll find the file if you go to this PlanetProject page on Zero Defects, navigate to principle P6 and click the link titled "presentation".

The title was "A Quest for Up-Front Quality".
Short outline:
If you want to see truely amazing results for one of the most effective methods of software development history, don't miss the slides. Any questions? Just ask!

The talk was warmly welcomed by the great Value-Thinkers of the seminar, special thanks to Ryan ShriverAllan KellyGiovanni AsproniNiels Malotaux, Matthew Leitch, Jerry Durant, Jenny Stuart, Lars Ljungberg, Renze ZijlstraClifford ShelleyLorne MitchellGio WiederholdMarilyn BushYazdi Bankwala, and all others I forgot to mention. 

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