Thursday, April 12, 2007

About me

I'm Rolf, born 1971 in Germany.
My studies in computer science ended quite successfully with a thesis on linguistic methods in requirements engineering. I got employed right away by the SOPHISTs, Germany-based consultants spezialising in requirements engineering. There, I was responsible for doing requirements work, later also organising requirements work, then also educating people about requirements work. As a nice by-product, I had the chance to co-author several books there.

After a couple of years I decided that this was enough consultant's work, went to Asia for a small sabbatical, and then joined Deutsche Post World Net. A rather large group that does logistics worldwide. I currently work there in the IT department for the MAIL subdivision. Right in the middle between stakeholders and developers, again I do and organise requirements work, and the aspect of informing colleagues about my ideas and methods got so strong finally, that I decided to start this blog. Please note that everything I write here is my own private matter, and that it does not in any way represent terms or other regulations of my employer.

In general, I'm interested in requiremets engineering and systems engineering. One of my strongest beliefs is that the IT world would be an even nicer place to be, if its people stopped telling stakeholders which solutions they have, and started to listen to the problems.
It would also help a great deal if more IT people started clear conceptual thinking.