Thursday, April 12, 2007

About this blog

I started this blog for two reasons:

First, I needed a way to involve my colleagues. Before I kept all what appears as single posts in the blog with my private files on my computer. When I wanted to show something to someone, I had to send it by email, it wasn't always up-to-date etc. So I use the blog to communicate ideas.

Second, I needed a way to keep track of my ideas, preferably in a structured searchable manner, while I don't have my computer with me. So I use the blog to organise my work.
Please note that everything I write here is my own private matter, and that it does not in any way represent terms or other regulations of my employer.

I like the idea of the Robertsons: they called a little competition in 2005 named "stand on my shoulders". This is my list of personal exemplars. As I am proud of standing on the shoulders of so many clear conceptual thinkers of the recent and not so recent past, with equal pride I like to see that some of my ideas will have been build upon by others. This is a way to achieve eternal life.

Along these lines, this blog is constructed by recycled material to a great extent. I add my bit wherever I find it useful. However, some of other people's ideas cannot be improved as of now.