Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Principles for Requirements Engineering Tasks

Name: Principles for Requirements Engineering Tasks
Type: principles
Status: finished
Version: 2007-04-28
German: RE-Prinzipien

The RE in my projects follows these guidelines:

P1: Requirements are driven by business; technical aspects or solutions to problems never constrain requirements without a clear, documented cause.
P2: Requirements with high business value will be analysed and realised first.
P3: We avoid defects in the system instead of testing them out.
P4: (Potentially) controversal discussions take place as early as possible. Unclear, risky or hard to describe requirements are analysed early.
P5: Bandwidth will be maximised while communicating requirements and while communicating on requirements.
P6: If a rule, standard or other regulatory asset - whether it originates from the outside or inside of the project - hinders understandability of a requirement, the rule will be ignored.
P7: Solutions (Designs) to requirements can occur, but only as suggestions w/o any legal consequences.
P8: The (document) "Requirements Management Plan" will be improved continuously.
P9: ruleset.PrioritizeInEvoDevelopments applies

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