Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Prepare Call for Tenders

Name: Prepare Call
Type: rule set
Status: final
Version: 2007-04-26
Referring to: Process.Call for tenders

Note: Even a call for tenders benefits from sound planning!

E1: A list of evaluation criteria has been assembled an agreed upon by the team and its management.
E2 [COTS]: the requirements have to be defined and prioritized. Note: the supplier's proposals should clearly state which part of the product fulfills which requirement, to what extent.
- also keep total cost of ownership in mind
- don't just care for functions ("what"), but also think of quantified requirements like performance attributes (see DIN 66272, "how well"), resource attributes ("how much"), and general system architecture (check references given).

R1: Experts and stakeholders should be with the evaluation team.
R2 [no expertise]: Go get external know-how, from other parts of your company or even from outside.
R3: Again, get management involved (e. g. get constraints, imform regularly, invite them for the supplier's presentations)
R4: Clearly assign tasks concernig the call itself and its evalution to individual team members. Set deadlines.
R5: Consider preparing a document template to be filled by the suppliers.

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