Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lean Product Development

Type: RuleSet
Status: final
Version: 2007-04-20

R1: Flow (or low inventory, or just-in-time) (inventory DEFINED AS something partially done)
R2: no workarounds, problem exposure
Note: In case of problems you don't avoid but solve them. This may mean you have to stop.
R3: Eliminate Waste (waste DEFINED AS {something without value to the user, work partially done, extra feautures you don't need right now, stuff that causes delay})
R4: Deferred Commitments (DEFINED AS idea of scheduling decisions until the last moment when they need to be made, and not making them before that, because then you have the most information. Note: Mary called it 'delayed commitments', but to my ear that's too close to 'too late'.)
R5: Deliver Fast (DEFINED AS being able to quickly release software. You need proper procedures for that, like {excellent testing procedures, automated testing, stuff that is disjoint from each other (so as you add features you don't add complexity)}

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